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Gaga may be gaunt but Bowie was barmy

By Robert McNeill

Lady Gaga news, and the controversial person has scandalised the world by going all thin. But get this - it's all done with prosthetics.

Her new coupon is gaunt, with cheekbones you could slice peaches with. Someone has painted eyebrows half-way up her forehead.

I don't mind this sort of thing. In pop, you must keep changing your head and other appurtenances to remain interesting.

David Bowie excelled at this but a new book reveals his insane drug-taking and excesses of a libidinous nature.

He became obsessed with yon occult and feared his mistress would give birth to a child of Stan (Satan in some translations).

Miss Gaga is a model of rectitude compared to this nincompoopery, though she shares with Bowie a faddiness of diet.

At one point, Bowie lived on nothing but peppers, milk and cocaine.

He looked a right sight and never knew what day it was.

I didn't get where I am today by not knowing what day it is, though I accept the ability is over-rated.

Gaga just didn't eat anything, so she could fit into her unfeasibly wee clothes.

Result: hospitalised repeatedly.

Role-models, eh?

My advice to young persons remains the same. Eat properly. Get plenty of fresh air. And stick in at those trumpet lessons.


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