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Hacked off over tough sentences for cyber crime

By Robert McNeill

Am I the only one getting antsy at the massive sentences talked about for alleged computer hackers?

True, you often see ludicrous sentences quoted for unlikely crimes, particularly in foreign climes. For example: 'In parts of America, blowing your nose on a pedestrian crossing carries a fine of $35 and 65 years in a state penitentiary.'

Concomitantly, you often read of remarkable leniency: 'A serial paedophile who murdered several children was given a two-month community order and a seat on the United Nations yesterday'.

For sure, I'd wish the death sentence on whoever runs 'Spin cash', 'SP gaming', or other spammers. But for trivial matters such as taking down the CIA? Most of the world had a right good laugh at that. What's that you say? It could endanger the lives of CIA agents subverting democracy around the world? Hmm, hear that drip-drip sound? It's a tap. Sure ain't my heart bleeding.


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