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Handsome Harry has ladies in a royal flush

By Robert McNeill

Yon Prince Harry surely gets about.

This week he has been in yonder Caribbean, many of whose inhabitants are descended from British slave estates and who, consequently, love Britain today.

Indeed, Miss Bahamas Universe, a 23-year-old beauty queen, said she loved Harold and announced: "He's hot!"

He did look a bit flushed around the cheeks, right enough. She added: "Would I marry him? Yes!"

Well, good luck with that project, hen. Certainly, it'd be nice to see a black Royal. Perhaps, the Government should impose a quota system on the Royal Family, so that minorities - including the Scots and Irish - are better represented in the Firm.

Ms Bahamas had at least done her homework, warbling thus: "I am fascinated by the Royal Family. I have watched every interview Princess Diana has ever done." I see.

Well, it's nice to have a hobby. The bold Harold, for his part, delivered a speech which quoted the Bahamas' motto: "Forward, Upward, Onward, Together."

Sounds a bit knackering somehow.

I'd probably need a seat by the time we'd reached "Onward". At the time of writing, the visit is being hailed a success, marred only by reports that Harry later "high-fived" wellwishers.

This is forbidden in Royal protocol. You never saw Henry VIII high-fiving anyone, did you?


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