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Happiness is painting (a bit of) the town red

By Robert McNeill

This is a tale about happiness. I decided to paint part of the interior of my porch red. Partly, this was out of boredom.

It was raining again, and I couldn't do any chores outside. So I donned my overalls and started to paint. Le Onde by Ludovico Einaudi was on the CD player. I can take or leave old Ludo, but sometimes he hits the spot. I listened.

I painted. I didn't think much, as it seldom helps, but I did laughingly dismiss the certainty my friends would dislike the bold colour of the paint. I was master of my own domain.

Suddenly, I experienced a wave of happiness. I wasn't striving and I wasn't caring what anyone thought. Pillar-box red paint in the porch! I was just being and doing and, for once, enjoying the moment, even including the rain.

And that was it. A story about happiness. A short story.


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