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Here's an idea that could take root

By Robert McNeill

I'm right up for this vertical garden in east Belfast.

The front of the Skainos building on the Newtownards Road has been covered in 6,500 plants, including geraniums, spiraea and hedera.

Before we get a hedera of ourselves, leading worriers have expressed concern about how the plants could be watered without splashing the lieges waddling on their merry way below.

However, a complex system involving the pumping of rainwater has been devised to spare citizens a sodden cranium.

It should be a lovely sight when the plants come into bloom, and baby birdies tweet merrily from the nesting boxes built into the wall. It's a great way to brighten the urban environment and reconnect us with yon nature.

Glenn Jordan, from the East Belfast Mission, one of the project partners, said he hoped the vertical garden "would grow on people".

Sounds good, though I trust Glenn isn't planning to fertilise us with manure first.

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