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Here's an ill wind that did blow some good

By Robert McNeill

You could be forgiven for thinking that the world we live in is a horrible place.

I'm amazed it's still going and that we haven't blown ourselves to smitheroonies.

Fundamentally, we haven't changed from last century, when all sorts of horrors were committed and the average person was a nutter.

Go down the gym and watch the borderline psychos building their biceps so they can batter people.

Even in supermarkets, you find men acting all hard. A woman-only world would be better but, alas, they'll always need us to take out the bins.

After that big build-up, here's a small, heartwarming tale. A Manchester man dropped £1,000 in cash and watched helplessly as the wind blew it hither and also yon.

But passers-by grabbed the notes and returned every one except £20 (claimed by God in taxes). How brilliant is that?

Just goes to show that only 90% of life is doom and gloom.


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