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History is turning a Queen into the Jordan of her day

By Robert McNeill

And that's when we were just getting over the shock of learning that she may have been over-familiar with Billy Connolly lookalike John Brown. At the time of that revelation, I got drunk for six days, though I accept that may have been coincidence.

Of course, none of these claims may be true. I dislike historical revisionism, believing that, if they taught you something at primary school, you stick with that for the rest of your life.

There's no way I'm accepting that England didn't win the war on her own. Similarly, I cannot believe that Genghis Khan was a pioneer in social work.

All the same, the evidence against Queen Victoria - the Jordan of her day - is starting to stack up. Previously undiscovered diaries reveal at least a close relationship with a handsome Indian called Abdul Karim. He was given to her as a 'gift from India', and instructed her in Urdu and the politics of the area.

Sometimes, she signed letters to him with a smattering of kisses, which settles it for me. I cannot think of Queen Victoria now without images of several men loitering under her capacious skirt.


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