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How Ascot sticks to its fashion rules

By Robert McNeill

Ascot news, and the controversial racecourse has made a bags of things again, in its doomed attempt to keep out the proles.

Punters failing to meet what was described as a "stringent" new dress code - er, a jacket and tie for men - were forced to wear orange stickers on their hoodies and whatnot. The move sparked outrage, and protests followed, if only in a pansy manner, on the electronic forum, Twitter.

Now, racecourse chiefs have admitted it was "the wrong thing to do". The faintly ludicrous venue has become a sartorial background, with meritocratic oafs taunting the toffs. In recent years, even bald people have been trying to get into the event.

Folk are deliberately taking the mickey out of Ascot now, exploiting its discomfort at having to function in a democracy. The only solution is to insist that everyone wears a hoodie and baseball cap. Then they'll all show up in proper jackets and frocks.


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