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How Jimmy and his Hobbit mates have restored my faith

By Robert McNeill

The latest trailer for The Hobbit is out, and it's looking good.

Looking forward keeps you going in the Great Disappointment, as I call life, and when I'm gloomy or blue I remember: "Never mind, the new Hobbit film will be out soon."

That said, I've reservations about the dwarves. Some look rather too handsome. And what is Radagast the Brown doing with that hedgehog?

My biggest dilemma concerns going to the pictures or waiting for the DVD. Last time I went to see Lord of the Rings at the flicks, neds sat beside me. When they laughed at Treebeard the Ent, I almost erupted.

Some folk can't stick Tolkien. They say it's about elves and, you know, dwarves. It's about death, loyalty, simplicity, courage and, much as I hate to say it, faith.

I've no faith in Jehovah the Grim, author of the Great Disappointment. But I've faith that this film will be good.


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