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How Justin's attire hits a new low

By Robert McNeill

Bieber news, and the world's leading Justin has just gotten too small for his breeches.

Well, technically, I shouldn't refer to breeches as these are trousers fastened below the knee. What Justin wore were harem pants. Yes, indeed, ladies and not-ladies, you learn something every day. Not all of it worthwhile.

Justin was snapped arriving at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles and, even in a world where trousers have become many and various, his harem pants occasioned comment on account of being ginormous.

The crotch was down at his kneelobes. Careful analysis of the photographs reveals there's a difference here between harem pants and just taking a pair or ordinary, everyday trousers and wearing them with the waistband over your marriage prospects.

Justin's pants have all the low-slung bagginess built in and presumably are named for stereotypical images of Arabian fellows who guarded harems. That these chaps were eunuchs has been overlooked in the ensuing debate.

Why eunuchs needed pants that were particularly baggy at the crotch is another issue ignored by historians of couture.

Top Canadian Justin is said to be under stress after having a row with his squeeze, Selena Gomez. However, that is no excuse for sartorial peculiarity. Where the crotch slips so do the standards, I'm afraid.


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