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How packaging is never an open and shut case

By Robert McNeill

Four in 10 folk have suffered injury while trying to open everyday goods housed in fiendish packaging.

Consumer organisation Which? says manufacturers should screw the nut (but not too tightly) and ensure their items are simpler to open.

As I've said before, it'd be interesting to know how many people these packaging maniacs have killed through inducing strokes and heart attacks. You have to conclude also that the people who own these companies don't use their own products, otherwise they'd do something about it, wouldn't they? But it isn't just manufacturers. Folk selling things on eBay often make their items so impenetrable that you damage them after taking a drill to the package. Sometimes they spend more on packaging than the item actually cost. Smarty-pants folk, who always defend technology against people, say just use scissors.

But one of the most impenetrable packages contained scissors from WH Smith. Never mind who guards the guards. Who opens the openers?

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