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How Sean and his friends are making sure these eggs are never poached

By Robert McNeill

Hats off to Ardglass man Sean Clifford who patrols a Caribbean beach protecting leatherback turtles. Well, it's nice to have a hobby.

Sean isn't just doing this on his tod. He's part of the Tortuga Felix project, set up to protect the sea turtles of yonder Costa Rica.

Every night, volunteers patrol the tiny island of Pacuare, protecting the turtles' eggs from poachers. Nutters in some parts of the world believe the eggs promote virility. Straight up?

But Sean and his comrades have manned up to stop the galoots getting their evil way.

They patrol the sands from 8pm to early morning on an island with no electricity or running water. But there are compensations.

The place is idyllic and as Sean explains: "Instead of everyone sitting around looking at their phones every two minutes, everyone sits and chats."

Chats. And not on a chatline. How extraordinary. As for Sean: what a good egg.

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