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How’s this for a novel idea ... let’s celebrate Christmas in December as in the old days

By Robert McNeil

I don’t wish you a Merry Christmas. What with it being August an’ all, I don’t suppose you’re wishing me one either.

Like many citizens I dread Christmas, believing it a shallow Bacchanalia based around that most anti-social of phenomena, the family. To be reminded that it’s but four months away did not distress me unduly, as even I — a man not given to dancing — can live a little during that remaining period before the merry misery descends.

But, to do so, I’ll have to avoid shopping at Harrods — something I’ve managed to do my whole life so far.

This shoddy emporium, this Brian Sewell of shops, this ludicrous London landmark, has already opened its Christmas department.

Every year, this madness takes hold earlier, till eventually it’ll start in January and might thereafter take the short step back to beginning in December again ..

Like it used to when the world was comparatively sane.

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