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I agree with Kate in keeping natural look

By Robert McNeill

I liked Kate Beckinsale's description of a surgically enhanced "wind-tunnel face". Perhaps you're already familiar with the expression. It refers to citizens who've had cosmetic surgery.

Kate, top actress and author of A Geological Study of Mid-Derbyshire, says she won't be inviting scalpel-wielding maniacs to reverse the ageing process.

She's only 39. But she's already given it thought. Indeed, the well-balanced people who leave comments under articles online claimed she'd already had her face and whatnots rearranged. Who can tell? On yon YouTube I saw another actress whose face had clearly been filled with concrete or whatever. Each cheek looked like it contained a tennis ball. But, you know what, she looked a lot younger than 70-odd.

A friend of mine says she's no qualms about having stuff cantilevered back into position when it starts to sag, and I can't say I blame her.

Once the techniques are refined and the prices come down, everyone will be at it.

Not me obviously. For I am a man. I went grey after hair-altering experiences in a primitive and sinister Scottish community, and I think I'd rather have my face look lived in than lifted. Mind you, it looks like it's been lived in by a particularly calamitous troll.


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