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I can't see Clint ever wearing a pullover

By Robert McNeill

The creator of hit Danish crime drama The Killing says Sarah Lund was based on Clint Eastwood.

Sarah Lund, the pullover-wearing detective? Nice wee lassie, doesn't like carrying a gun? Correct.

How peculiar. Soren Sveistrup was surely winding us up when he added that, originally, the pullover was going to be a poncho.

But they thought Sarah, played by Sofie Grabol, might have problems drawing her unwanted gun. A Danish detective in yonder Copenhagen wearing a poncho? Aye, right.

In some ways, I wish she'd never worn a pullover. I'm fond of Fair Isles and, to my dismay, have found that, thanks to the show, they're now right fashionable. Good, hand-knit second-hand ones on eBay are going for a fortune.

Still, I'm happy to recommend the third series, which starts on BBC4 on November 17. Get your chocolates in, draw the curtains, dim the lights, and snuggle down into your woolly wotsit.


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