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I just can't picture me lifelogging

By Robert McNeill

It's stating the bleedin' oblivious, I know, but I ain't photogenic. Indeed, whenever I discover old photographs of myself, I destroy them.

My first newspaper byline pic was for a big news story. I'd been out in the rain, it was late in the evening, and I was summarily shoved up against the wall in a wee grey room.

Nothing happened. The photographer's camera jammed. Then, unexpectedly, it went off. The toggie said: "That'll do." And, lo, next day, a sodden, startled rabbit stared out from the page. That byline pic was used for years.

All the other pictures were as bad. Sometimes, they'd shoot hundreds, and carefully select the worst. The only decent one, in a magazine, was taken in a public booth. So I'm not about to become a "lifelogger" - a growing band of people who take photographs of themselves every single day for posterity. Posterior, more like. Who'd make such an ass of themselves?


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