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iDon't know about you, but maybe it's time to park this drive for more Apple gadgets ...

By Robert McNeill

I regret to announce that, should it ever come about, I won't be buying an iCar.

Not that I wouldn't want one. But when you look at the price of Apple's tablets, what the hell kind of moolah would they charge for a vehicle?

It emerged this week that it was the dream of the late Steve Jobs, Apple's founder (internet joke: "iCame, iSaw, iConquered"), to design a car.

Predictably, Apple's more visceral critics have said such a vehicle could only drive down Apple-approved roads and would keep crashing, before being overtaken by a newer model just weeks after you'd bought it.

Interestingly, or indeed otherwise, Google is already working on a driverless car, pumping millions into researching how to take the man out of manoeuvring. It makes you wonder about the market penetration of these geeky guys. Soon, some kind of iWatch is coming on the market. How will that do? Only time will tell.

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