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If this is the end of the line for men, we should go gracefully

By Robert McNeill

Something is happening to the world's men. Nope, we're not going off football or learning to pee straight. We're losing our fertility.

As Jon Lockton writes in The Hals Report, it's caused by man-made (no irony intended) chemicals wreaking havoc with male hormones.

Rumours of this have been circulating in gentlemen's rest-rooms and pie-queues for some time.

But when you consider sperm counts have halved in 50 years, and the world is producing far fewer baby boys than it is girls, then men could soon be extinct.

Well, so be it.

A world without men would be fine.

I used to think we were the superior gender, as we don't go into huffs brought on by the influence of the Moon.

But anthropological observations made at the gym reveal men as preening buffoons driven by fear and aggression.

We've had a good innings, and should just go gracefully.

As the last one out, I'll turn off the lights.


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