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If you want to live longer and lose weight then just eat less

By Robert McNeill

Now scientists are saying the same as me: exercise has no bearing on your weight.

I speak from experience. They speak from studying the Hadza tribe. The Hadza run aboot all over the shop, hunting and foraging in yonder Tanzania. Yet their metabolic rate is no different to that of Westerners.

Dr Herman Pontzer, of Hunter College, New York, says: "This says to me that the big reason that Westerners are getting fat is because we eat too much. It's not because we exercise too little."

Co-flipping-rrect, mate. Sure, exercise for muscle and tone. But to lose weight, you must stop inhaling calories.

I've lost over a stone in a month, just by eating less and getting used to feeling occasional hunger.

It's not life-threatening. You needn't fill your face for every pang.

Another scientist told this week's Radio Times that calorie restriction prolongs life.

There you have it: live long and hunger.

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