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I'm smart enough not to hunt for my dinner!

By Robert McNeill

Shock news: researchers say our intelligence is diminishing as we no longer need it to survive.

I don't understand this. Aargh, it must be true! Let's read further. According to top controversialists at Stanford University, California, our intelligence peaked before we even waddled out of Africa. With the development of agriculture and urbanisation, we could chill a bit, instead of freaking out about making it through another day.

Consequently, mutations occurred in our brainlobes and we're now less the men and burdz that once we were. The good news is that technology will keep taking care of things for us, so we can happily get thicker and thicker.

But, if that happens, who's going to invent the technology? And what technology? I'm not buying an iPad. It was bad enough having to get a dishwasher. I don't believe prehistoric man was brainier than us.

They didn't even have I'm a Celebrity. Actually, these Stanford bods might have a point.


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