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Immortality has a mind of its own

By Robert McNeill

Now, who'd like their brain put into a machine? Hmm, no takers? Fair enough. But I don't mean a washing machine or something that mangles your heid.

I mean robot-like machines that keep your brain alive after your body has died. That's got a bit more interest. Well, one bloke at the back with drool down his chin. But harken: your brain would control your robot body, like those big blue blokes in the movie Avatar.

Sounds bizarre, but 100 scientists are already working on it. True, they're in Russia, one of the United Nations' officially designated "Peculiar Countries". But, still, it's all fascinating stuff.

Humphrey Itskov, the businessman financing the project, explained: "Our main goal is to preserve personality and prolong life."

Well, good luck with that. Cynics point to the Cybermen in Dr Who, who became emotionless, spoke oddly, and had a habit of invading places. Never did George W Bush any harm.

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