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In future will women be from Mars?

By Robert McNeill

A private project called Inspiration Mars is looking for a couple to make a 501-day round trip to the red planet.

Already, more than 10,000 people have applied. How extraordinary. Surely, it'd be hell-on-not-Earth to be cooped up together in cramped conditions for that length of time?

The American project expects to settle for a married couple in their 50s who already know they can get on. Crucially, each partner will have mastered respectively the twin foundations for any successful relationship: (1) the man's ability to tune out and (2) the woman's inability to notice this.

The onus here is really on the male, who must be able to give the impression of listening without actually doing so.

However, the traditional methods of just saying "Yes" and "Absolutely" every five minutes may not suffice in such proximity. The couple will receive a total of eight years' training. It's not nearly enough.

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