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Is getting rid of Gaddafi not the point of war?

By Robert McNeill

The thought of going into war with America on their side must be frightening for British and French servicemen.

Nothing the enemy chucks at them can compare with the threat from the Yanks' infamous 'friendly fire'.

Meanwhile, just when you think the world couldn't get more nutty, top doubters are debating whether to bump off the controversial Libyan leader, Derek Gaddafi. For this might lead to - look away now, Martha! - regime change. How appalling. What do you think just wars are about? Hitler - that was regime change.

If the legalistic shamans abounding these days were around during the Second World War, they'd be saying: "Kill Hitler? What a horrible idea. He is a statesman.

"Flatten the cities, bomb the civilians, by all means. But kill Mr Hitler, the man who started all the trouble? That would be illegal."

All together now, what are these people? Nutters! Correct. It's no wonder citizens get fed up with politics.


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