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It wasn't the spray expected from Gaga

By Robert McNeill

Vomit news, and yon Gaga has gone and become the latest star to upchuck - charming expression - on stage.

As so often, the trend was started by boy star Justin Bieber, who vomited twice in Glendale, Arizona after overdosing on Farley's rusks.

In a moving moment - the audience started moving rapidly towards the exits - Justin asked: "Will you love me even though I'm throwing up on stage?" Hey, get back to you on that one, JB.

Gaga then muscled in on the act, choosing Barcelona as the venue for her vomaramic experience. Afterwards, she telegraphed the following message to Twitter: "Was praying nobody saw but actually its quite a good laugh if u need one!"

I'd have put a comma after "saw", but it's really a matter of choice. However, what I would not have done after this incident was to launch a new perfume range at the Dorchester Hotel.

That's what the Lady did, and top showbiz correspondents reported she was looking well again and had removed the stains from the front of her frock.

However, later, she said she'd watched a video of the vomiting scene - as you do - and had "cried a little". Once again, vomiting becomes a moving experience.

The question is: which star will be next? Madonna? Mick Jagger? Prince Charles?


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