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It's a sign of the times when Santa is mugged

By Robert McNeill

Like most people, I accept Christmas as a necessary evil. True, I wish there was less of it, echoing a recent Private Eye cartoon mocking the shops: "Christmas - it's not just for Christmas." But it's here now, and we just have to try and ignore it as best we can.

However, even if Christmas has become a Bacchanalia beloved of Satan (picture the old goat hanging up his stocking and leaving a note asking for an XBox), most of us draw the line at yobs attacking Santa.

In Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, teenaged citizens on bicycles (bad behaviour on a bike - there's a novelty) ripped off the local Santa's glasses and yanked his beard during a festive ceremony.

In Iran, they'd have hanged these yobs from cranes. Indeed, the Iranians don't celebrate Christmas. Sure, they storm embassies, burn flags, wave their arms about and act doolally. But, these details apart, they have much to teach us.


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