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It's another bad break for Tories

By Robert McNeill

Our political representatives, particularly at Wastemonster, never seem quite what we thought.

It's bad enough that the secret services are having a laugh and that "accountability" is just one of those dumb words like "strategic", "facilitate" and "stakeholder". Words that mean the square root of sod all.

But surely a Tory MP, usually described as "straight-laced", is somebody we can trust? No?

Fear not. Immigration Minister Mark Harper hasn't done anything too sordid. Not by Tory standards.

But he's hobbling around on crutches – after breaking his foot while dancing on a bar table in Soho. Well, could have happened to any of us.

The minister insists nothing funny was going on, and points out that his wife was with him at the time.

Well, maybe. But what kind of bar encourages this sort of thing? And surely questions must be asked of its security staff, not least: who let the immigration minister in?

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