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It's Batman we need to protect world from evil, not this Joker

By Robert McNeill

Is it time to ignore anything Russia says about anything?

Doesn't matter how heinous the crimes a dictator commits against his own country, up pops Vladimir Putin to defend it and to warn the international community against stepping in.

Putin's the world's policeman – protecting evil. His usual ally is the Chinese, today the least Taoist people in the world. No cause is too barbaric for this gruesome twosome. Syria is Vlad's latest satanic project. It would be illegal to go steaming in, apparently.

Well, maybe. But the West has an ethical duty to institute regime change in despotic countries, preferably by subtler means than war, right enough. Not that I trust the West either. Remember the "ethical foreign policy" promised by Labour?

It consisted of wee notes attached to the weapons we sold dictators saying: "Please use responsibly."

What we need is an international team of superheroes. Oh, if only the world were more like the movies.

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