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I’ve gotta sleep on this one

By Robert McNeil

Now they're urging us to control our dreams. They — you know who I mean — aren't saying we should cut down our dreams. Quite the contrary.

They're saying we should practise lucid dreaming, manipulating our dreams to make our fantasies come true, at least while still asleep.

Lucid dreaming is about as easy as it sounds; ie difficult. True, it's nothing new. Tibetan monks, reckoning reality to be a dream, have long been able to project themselves into the body of a yak. But that soon loses its excitement.

The trick, apparently, is to become aware that we're dreaming while still asleep.

Hmm, think I spot the fundamental flaw in the plan.

Then, instead of waking up, you guide the dream.

Plenty of people, including top experts and whatnot, claim they can do it.

The controversial fad has been fuelled by the indecipherable film Inception, starring Leonard DiCaprio as a thief who steals ideas from punters' dreams.

I understand the premise but, at no point in the film, did I understand who was doing what or why.

It was almost as bad as The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I saw this twice, the first time falling asleep almost instantly. The funny thing is, I understood it better when asleep.

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