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Judy's not afraid to ink up like Angie

By Robert McNeill

Judy Steel has been talking about her tattoo. The wife of former Liberal leader David of that ilk caused rioting in several rural areas on revealing she'd had a pink jaguar inked on her shoulder.

Not jaguar as in car, but as in animal. It's off her hubby's coat of arms, he being a Baron an' all. Wee Davey, to give him his Sunday name, doesn't approve of Judy's tattoo.

His wife is 70 and having a tattoo indicates immaturity in some eyes. Not in mine, which mist over at the thought of a tattoo.

I'm still dithering about it, but I fear the worst. Looking back over my life, I conclude with wise maturity: "Not one ruddy thing went right."

Why should a tattoo be any different? If I got a fierce animal tattooed on my forehead, it'd come out as one of those daft ones you see with the smiling cartoon expressions.

My mate, a lover of all things Roman, got SPQR tattooed on his arm. If I got that, it would come out as SPAR, and everyone would think I was advertising the grocery chain.

Judy's jag actually looks OK. She says she's past caring and will do what she wants. You know, I think I'll wait till I'm 70 to get mine done.


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