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Just be careful where you leave ’Er Indoors

By Robert McNeil

I’ve a terrible time keeping my house tidy. Far too busy for that sort of thing.

So, you might think me hypocritical to criticise Mr Bill James, of Las Vegas, who found his wife’s body beneath a mountain of rubbish in the house — four months after she’d gone missing.

Mind you, the mess was mainly hers. She was a compulsive hoarder.

The couple cleared pathways through the mess to get from room to room.

Mr James first reported his wife missing in April. Sniffer dogs made no headway through the junk, and it was assumed that Billie Jean James had suffered a stroke or heart attack outdoors and lay unnoticed somewhere.

Then her husband noticed one of her feet.

On giving it a good tug, the rest of her emerged from the rubbish.

Hell’s bells. I think I’ll leave my rubbish as it is. Never know what I might find under there.

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