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Law stops kids making an ass of themselves

By Robert McNeil

These are uplifting times in Dublin, Georgia, where the mayor has signed an amendment outlawing saggy trousers.

To me, this is what civilisation is all about. Listen to these magnificent words prohibiting trousers that sag “more than three inches below the top of the hips exposing the skin or undergarments”.

For some people, it's poetry that brings a tear to the eyelobe. But there's nothing like neutral legalese for making me feel all's well with the world.

The amendment bans the ludicrous “fashion” that sees some young persons wearing their trousers half-way down their thighs.

The usual suspects are whingeing on about human rights. Yes, the right to show your underpants. Somebody's denigrating the concept of human rights, all right.

Mayor Phil Best says these bozos don't respect others and must realise that “everybody doesn't want to see your underwear”.

Correct, Mayor Phil. Get their waistbands hoisted.

And tell them to stop slouching an' all.

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