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Live to 1,000? We would die of boredom

By Robert McNeill

According to over-the-top gerontolist Aubrey de Gray, a few people currently traipsing about the planet might live till they’re 1,000.

Speaking as one of the world’s leading Aubreys, the controversial academic claims high-tech intervention could stop the irritating molecular and cellular changes that cause us to age and, ultimately, shuffle off.

I like the cut of Aubrey’s gib. He has a magnificent beard, leading to comparisons with Old Testament prophets and even to Merlin. He isn’t afraid to stand out from the sheep-style crowd. But is he serious? He says: “I think we’re in striking distance of keeping people so healthy that at 90 they’ll carry on waking up in the same physical state as they were at the age of 30.”

Ye gods, I hope not. I was a wreck at 30. And I certainly wouldn’t want the same haircut. On balance, though, I think it would be rather nice to live till we were 1,000. It might make us a little less tense.

Boredom would be the biggest problem, but as long as Apple keeps coming up with loads of interesting apps, I’m sure we could while the time away. I wish Aubrey all the best with his quest. But put it this way: I’m not holding my breath.

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