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Moobs or not, I’ll drink to job in Oz

By Robert McNeil

If I were still a beer man, I’d be waddling swiftly to yonder Australia for work.

For a firm in the outback is so desperate to attract workers it’s offering free beer for a year.

New South Wales firm Electrical and Air Conditioning Services (EACS) believes beer’s a better lure for workers than health schemes, holidays or travel benefits. Big mining firms, offering these and high salaries, have been luring young men away from careers in air conditioning. But an EACS spokesdude said: “Most blokes like a beer, so we thought we could use it in our favour as a hook for new staff.”

The trouble with beer is it turns you into a woman. Far from being manly, it’s full of oestrogen and a major cause of moobs.

However, for many men, moobs are a small price to pay for ale’s compensations. And moobs are of little consequence in the outback, where men are men. From the waist down.

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