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More than the pounds might fall off in these cold baths

By Robert McNeill

Blubber news, and the OMG diet advises having cold baths to lose fat. I see.

It's described as "the diet that's changing diets".

That's an understatement though, in other respects, it's just the same old guff about eat less, exercise more, with an added twist of leaving the milk out of your coffee.

There's always an element of punishment. No pain no loss.

The book of the fad is Six Weeks to OMG: Get Skinnier Than All Your Friends.

Clearly, it's aimed at young females, who've enough problems without bunging themselves into freezing baths and drinking black coffee.

The book's author is Venice Fulton, the sort of name that, where I grew up, would have seen you beaten severely by "all your friends".

I remember a boy publicly pilloried in the playground after he was caught reading poetry for pleasure.

They'd call it bullying now but, at the time, it seemed natural and just.

Unlike the OMG diet.


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