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Never mind al-Qaida, I'd be more worried facing bin Laden's wives

By Robert McNeill

How almost amusing to find the wives of Arthur - was it Arthur? How quickly we forget - bin Laden tearing each other's eyes out and calling each other sluts and whatnot.

The various Mrs bin Loonies have been up before the beaks in yonder Pakistan for entering the country illegally. Mind you, if you have to enter Pakistan illegally, you'd really have to wonder where it all went wrong.

Doris bin Laden (29), branded Mildred of that ilk a killer, but only after Mildred called Doris a slut. Mildred is 61 and was allegedly jealous of her rival for doing the dishes particularly well. In addition it's thought she may have flaunted a bit of her ear.

Last week, the two had to be split apart by guards as they swung haymakers and right hooks at each other.

Thank goodness, you don't see western women behaving like that, particularly up town on a Saturday night.


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