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New chocolate diet now tastes so bitter

By Robert McNeil

Having substituted chocolate for booze in my advanced Western diet, my weight has remained exactly the same. It’s a tragic blow, and may drive me back to drink. But how typical of life is that?

And how typical is this: a new study — generally preferable to old studies — has shown that eating chocolate stops your chances of having a stroke.

But then the same experts tell you not to eat chocolate because it makes you gain weight which increases your chances of what, readers?

All together now: a stroke. Correct.

Jeezo. The usual advice follows. Eat only dark chocolate because it tastes far worse than milk chocolate.

And then there’s the classic: eat chocolate only in moderation.

I’ll tell you where we need more moderation: in the number of times we’re told to do things in moderation.

Life requires a little excitement, and my advice remains the same: seek the middle way between moderation and excess.

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