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No job here if you beard it like Beckham

By Robert McNeil

Prejudice against the bearded continues. The Daily Blackmail, bible of the Middle English bigot, leads the campaign, monitoring male celebrities for stubble that threatens to get out of hand and reach situation “scruffy”.

But the Blackmail’s bile is spreading to the wider asylum. In Carmarthenshire, Wales, a former police royal protection officer for Her Majesty, a queen, was refused a job interview with a car-hire firm because of his beard.

Enterprise Rent-a-Car told former Chief Insp Keith Harber it had a “strict appearance policy”. That meant strictly appearing like a clean shaven jessie. Even baldies — against whom prejudice is understandable — can work there.

Mr Harber said of his facial flocculence: “During my work at Buckingham Palace I would regularly meet members of the Royal Family and none of them ever had a problem with it.”

He also pointed out that David Beckham (right) had a beard. Kind of spoiled his case when he said that.

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