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Nothing beyond the reach of corporate greed

By Robert McNeill

Can the capitalists not leave anything alone? Their crass behaviour constantly amazes.

Exhibit A: the fact that you can't watch a one-minute video on yon internet now without them making us suffer their sales pitches first.

For me, this reached a new low with newly-released video footage from the Anders Breivik atrocity in Norway.

The footage shows Breivik parking his van in a space reserved for the Norwegian Prime Minister and his security staff. Thus daft hippie Norway. The van, as we know now, was primed with explosives.

But what precedes this chilling piece of footage? An advert that begins: "What can you do with frizzy hair?" I'll tell you what you can do with it.

The second time I watched was even worse, with folk dressed up as skeletons and in other deathly costumery for a BT Infinity advert.

Something ought to be done about this. Who's Prime Minister of Britain? Get him told.


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