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OMG, text speak just makes me want to LOL

By Robert McNeill

Omg! Yet more trendy texty acronyms emerge.

Hot on the heels of the now comparatively rare OMG (oh, my god) and the still ubiquitous and sick-making LOL (laugh out loud) come JK (just kidding), EAK (eating at the keyboard) and NMJCU (nothing much, just chilling, you?).

Without wishing in any way to get down with the kidz, I rather admire this creative use of yonder alphabet.

I'm not so sure about the numerical ones: 143 (I love you - from the number of letters in each word) and 5, which apparently means "wait five minutes, a parent is in the room".

But I like GWI (get with it) and FOMO (fear of missing out), even if I don't quite understand the latter. It appears to concern feeling obliged to attend parties.

My feeling is that the future is bright while our young persons display such creativity. In the meantime, CWYL (chat with you later).


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