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Party time is not all smiles for poor Pippa Middleton

Robert McNeill

Yon Pippa Longbottom, or whatever she's called – the Duchess of Cambridge's sister – is coming in for stick.

They're saying she has hellish taste in clothes, a subject upon which I'm unqualified to speak. Reader's voice: "Rather like all the other subjects."

Cheeky. But she's also getting it in the neck for not putting her fame to good use. I hope such guff doesn't make her feel obliged to go clearing landmines or buying an orphan like Madonna does.

There's been further disquiet about her writing columns for Vanity Fair and The Spectator, magazines which I understand are something to do with catering or fashion.

I've no objection. Readers used to complain that publications were full of pap about celebrities. So the publications responded by getting the celebrities to write the pap themselves. Everyone's a winner!

Poor Pippa. She didn't ask to be photogenic and related to the Royal Family. It's such a burden.

A friend said: "She is trying her best to avoid the cameras where she can." Indeed there's ample photographic evidence of her conspicuous success at this.

Pippa didn't ask to be sister to a filly who married a prince. Last week, she had to attend Sir David Frost's annual summer party, where guests included Sir Elton John and Sir Bruce Forsyth.

How can life be so cruel?

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