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Playing House left Hugh feeling ill

Robert McNeill

Not like me to stick up for a rich person "earning" £250,000 per TV episode but, in the case of Hugh Laurie, I make an exception.

Hugh says starring in US medical drama House was a "nightmare". He even fantasised about having an accident so he wouldn't have to go in. Only his "Presbyterian work ethic" made him do so.

Whence the nightmare, though? Well, it was, he says, the sheer repetition, day after day. Then there was having to live in Los Angeles, with folk snapping him – and even the contents of his shopping – on their mobile phone cameras.

You picture that scene and imagine Hugh pulling one of those good-natured, goggle-eyed, Bertie Wooster faces. But, in reality, it all got him down.

He says now he's glad to be home in Englandshire, just reading books or taking his mutt for a walk. He likes wearing his own clothes and, you know, chilling out.

I haven't seen House since I was a TV reviewer many years ago, but seem to remember it was quite good. Hence its popularity and even hencer Hugh's big bucks.

He's been panned for complaining but, if you take the money out of the equation, he has a point. It's the simple things that make you happy.

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