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Poll on bankers is just bonkers

By Robert McNeil

Is it just me? Regular folks look at the poll suggesting 76% of citizens support a cap on bankers' bonuses, and they feel satisfied. Surely, that's what all right-minded people think?

Of course it is. But it's not the 76% that interest me. It's the other 24%. Who are these people and why are they roaming free? They can't all be bankers or bankers' families or uber-conservatives who believe those at the top must have humungous salaries, while those at the bottom shouldn't be paid more than £5 an hour lest it give them ideas above their station.

The fact that the people doing the low paid jobs are, to my mind, infinitely more valuable than those clots at the top only serves to madden me further. Sometimes I wish we could stop the world and turn it upside down. Or at least give it a little shake.

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