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Rants are best signed, sealed and ... put in bin

By Robert McNeill

Bad news for ranters, as research shows letting off steam online can leave you feeling more frustrated than ever.

In the old days, before our faces became melded to screens, it was often a good idea to write an angry riposte on a piece of paper.

Then, having got it out of your system, you bunged the literary masterpiece into the bin.

You can do the same on your computer, though the temptation to press the dreaded "Send" button is always there.

It wasn't quite so easy when you had to address an envelope, seal it up, walk to the post office, buy a stamp, and – the point at which you could still choose not to "Send" – put it in the pillar box.

Having sent, all you then had to do was wait for the postie to make his collection and sift out your letter so you could put it into the bin.

Where it probably belonged.

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