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Rihanna needed a dressing down ...

By Robert McNeill

Farmer Alan Graham's back will have been thumped so heartily he'll need a chiropractor. The DUP alderman stood up bravely to top pop yodeller Rihanna and told her she couldn't cavort brazenly on his land.

Of course, it ain't his land at all - no one owns the land - but anyone claiming stewardship of a Bangor field is entitled to clear it of pop singers.

Rihanna was filming her latest video near Ballyrobert - as you do - and felt the song might go better if she removed her bra. The world divides into two classes: those who regard underwear as something to put on and those who consider it something to take off.

Rihanna comes into the latter class, Alan the former, hence the clash. Newspapers reported: "Traffic practically ground to a halt as drivers strained to get a glimpse of the singer and her cavalcade."

If she'd kept her cavalcade covered, the incident might have been avoided.


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