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Robbie's haunted, but not by angels

By Robert McNeill

Now Robbie Williams is telling us his house is haunted. It's a shame for the amiable singer of Take These, if that is the name (doubtless a reference to drugs, if I know my young people). The paranormal world just won't let him go.

Recently, he could hardly leave the house without being buzzed by UFOs and has spent a considerable part of his life researching the phenomenon, or at least sticking his head out the window and pointing to the night sky.

Now he says his Wiltshire house is haunted by a ghost called Bertie. Robbie hasn't seen him but his dog has. The dog was reported to have barked: "It's a man from the beginning of the 20th century."

A family friend squealed: "Rob likes to imagine him [the ghost not the dog] in a suit holding a martini glass." Robbie old boy, I think you'll find martinis are wasted on insubstantial beings.


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