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Robert McNeill: As the votes roll in, Ann Widdecombe tells critics to foxtrot off

The sight of former Conservative MP Ann Widdecombe's bottom being dragged along the floor has cheered up the lieges.

Though awarded low marks by the stern judges of Strictly Come Dancing, Miss Wobblebum was kept in the competition by an electorate that shows more enthusiasm for pirouettes than politics.

Upon righting herself to a vertical stance, it soon became clear that all this birling and leaping had gone to the lassie's head. She's refusing to leave the show and may even win the competition, thereby slapping the gobs of dance purists.

In a voice that could turn butter rancid in seconds, the Widdecombe One announced: “The public are deciding who goes through and who does not go through. If the public say we want to see you again next week and you say 'I've got better things to do', that seems incredibly rude.” She added: “If people don't like what the public are deciding, bad luck. Try being a politician.”

That it has come to this. Go into politics, work all the hours God sends, try to serve, and the people will despise you. Waddle about on a dance floor and get dragged around on your bottom, and they ply you with votes. There's a moral in there somewhere, and I hesitate to draw it.

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