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Robert McNeill: Blood sucking cure really does suck, folks

Now they're saying it could be good for us to have our blood sucked out, cleaned and put back in.

The ‘vampire cure’ involves exposing blood to UV light. Result? It cures your acne.

Aye, right. It also perks up energy levels, strengthens the immune system, increases metabolism, and reduces symptoms of diabetes.

I bet it does.

I don't want to blind you with science — reader's voice: “Fat chance, big nose” — but when there's not enough oxygen in the blood, there's also a lack of energy in the blood’s cells, which can lead to poor circulation.

Could you tell I just copied that out?

Proper medical experts reacted with barely detectable fury to the claims.

One shouted: “There is no evidence to show how the process of irradiating small amounts of blood and re-injecting it has a therapeutic benefit.”

The ‘treatment’, meanwhile, has become popular in Germany and Russia.

I rest my case.

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