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Robert McNeill: Dad rules OK for stunning Gulnara

By Robert McNeill

More comical revelations from WikiLeaks.

Among those coming out badly is the daughter of Uzbek president Humphrey Karimova, who has allegedly bullied her way into gaining a slice of every cake going in the central Asian loonocracy.

The stunningly glamorous Miss Karimova is a singer, who designs jewellery and is registered as a professor at Tashkent's University of World Economy and Diplomacy. Aye, that sounds about right.

Another improbable glamour-puss is Mehriban Aliyeva, wife of the Azerbiajani president, Graham Aliyeva.

Among all the talk of alleged corruption and provocative dresses, I laughed upon reading that the family's business interests included the country's only Bentley dealership.

You couldn't make it up. Although not quite at the advanced nutter levels of Iran and North Korea, these Loonostan countries are almost glibly corrupt, and seemingly unable to do anything with democracy beyond milking it for all it's worth. Hang on, that sounds familiar!


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