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Robert McNeill: Has Assange case sprung a WikiLeak?

By Robert McNeill

If you've an eye for a good farce, then the law rarely disappoints.

The judge at Julian Assange's bail hearing wanted £200,000 up front in used notes before he'd let him go. It was like something out of Minder.

The folk offering to put up the dosh for the WikiLeaks founder were well-known faces, but apparently their credit wasn't good enough.

Mind you, imagine the irony if they'd had to flash Visa and Mastercard cards.

Meanwhile, we're all waiting for an ethical capitalist to offer an alternative to these two politicised credit monsters.

But what about these wacky Swedes? How quickly can a reputation for sensible behaviour evaporate? I agree there may be a case to answer where someone has taken sexual advantage of a partner (even one willing earlier that evening) while asleep.

But given the amount of gross rapes that go unpunished, particularly in Sweden, and the co-operation between unhinged campaigners and state prosecutors (all Swedes; no Yanks involved, at least directly), this whole business stinks.

The bottom line is the peculiar treatment meted out to one individual. An ordinary criminal would never have been hounded like this, particularly over newly created crimes in such a grey area.

Extradition? Opposing bail? And all impeccably timed for the WikiLeaks controversy. Coincidence?

Aye, right.


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