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Robert McNeill: I sympathise with Taoiseach Brian Cowan in airwaves row

Was Taoiseach Brian Cowen squiffy on the airwaves? I couldn't comment.

I listened to the start of the broadcast but didn't detect anything and, as the content was standard political dullness, switched off before it perhaps got interesting.

I sympathise with him, though. Making gaffes on the radio is easily done.

A friend of mine was prone to loud blasts of oral wind: burping.

This is fine in the privacy of your own or other people's homes. Unfortunately, he became a councillor.

In due course, he was invited on radio and, well, you've guessed the rest. The funny thing was that, among friends, after an eruption he would put on a mock, posh English accent and declare: “Ooh, I say!” For better or worse, he did this on radio, too.

No one mentioned it, but it was a small community where everyone knew the councillor and probably just said: “Oh, there's Drewie on the radio.”

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